Kathrin Rabenort, from: "Sed vitae dicimus...", Grant 2009

Kathrin Rabenort, from: "Sed vitae dicimus...", Grant 2009


„The next submission deadline for projects from October 2019 is in spring 2019“
More details soon at this point.

The Karin Abt-Straubinger Foundation sponsors non-commercial visual arts projects realized in Germany. Any art producer (individual artists as well as artist groups) of any age can apply for a grant.

The grants are project-based, emphasizing the production of concrete artworks.

Publications are not sponsored.

Art-related work and educational grants are unfortunately not possible.

Grant application

Grant applications can be made directly with the Foundation at any time. In general, decisions on the grants are made once a year.

At least three months should elapse between grant application and project completion.

To streamline the selection procedure, please complete your grant application according to our guidelines and using our grant form. Send applications via snail mail to the Foundation (download, see below).
Online applications are unfortunately not possible.

Should you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our management.


Download grand application

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